5 Classical Pieces for Beginners

5 Classical Pieces for Beginners

When we think of famous pianists and composers The Great’s most likely come to mind. Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach have incredible pieces we are familiar with but think are unattainable until piano lessons have been going on for years. The good news is you don’t have to wait till you are a pro to start playing songs you are so familiar with. There are classic songs you can start practicing, even as a beginner! Here are a few:

Beethoven – Fur Elise

You probably don’t know that the classic Fur Elise by Beethoven is really just a classic break up song. The many women that the piece is speculated to be about all ended up with other people, one of them with Beethoven’s best friend! Yikes! If you are going through a breakup Beethoven feels your pain and this may just be the perfect song for you to learn as a beginner.

Debussy – Clair de Lune

This beautiful piece is sure to please crowds or just make you feel like a legit piano wizard. The flowing cadence and sweetness of the music will make you want to practice and perfect it just so you can listen to it while you’re playing.

Joplin – The Entertainer

If you want to transport yourself into a silent movie, this is the perfect song for you to learn! From fighting in saloons to breaking bottles over heads, this song makes the perfect background music for any situation. Plus it is very entertaining (I couldn’t pass that opportunity up!) 

Schubert – Ave Maria

Schubert wrote this well-known piece based on a poem by Sir Walter Scott called The Lady of the Lake. The song is commonly played around Christmas time as it is used as a worship hymn in many religions. So if you are learning the piano during the holiday season, this is a great song to start with.

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata

As an innovative piece for its time, Moonlight Sonata is a great song for beginners to learn. As you progress you can work on learning the other movements of this song as well. This is a great song to learn as you progress throughout your piano lessons. The Sonata itself is unique and stands out, so if you are looking to mix things up a bit this is the perfect song to learn.

As you are starting to learn to play the piano you can play with the best of the best and impress your friends with these famous pieces! Once you feel more comfortable playing these and your skills improve, you can start to branch out to even more recognizable classical pieces and modern pieces. Getting started with these classics is a great place to start!

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