Perks of Learning Online

Perks of Learning Online

These days, with technology everywhere we turn, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted. Many of us lament the “good old days” where every interaction was face-to-face. They have a point— technology should be used in moderation and can never fully replace real social connections. However, when it comes to learning a new skill, technology can be extremely advantageous and even has hidden benefits you can’t find when learning in person. 

Complete Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits of learning online is that it allows you to work around your busy schedule. In today’s world, everyone has a million responsibilities and demands taking up your attention. It has become increasingly difficult to make time to learn a new skill, even if it’s something you are passionate about. By studying a skill in the comfort of your own home, you cut out commute time and days you would have to miss in person— maybe you or your instructor was sick, or the weather was bad for travel. This allows you to have more time to practice, which means less time is required to accomplish your skill. The convenience aspect of online learning is something you cannot get anywhere else. 

Education at Your Own Pace 

Learning online also gives you the chance to learn at your own pace. One-on-one, interactive software allows you to speed through lessons that are easy to you—and alternatively, slow down and even repeat certain sections that prove more difficult. The ability to personalize the pace of learning often allows online students to master skills more quickly and thoroughly. 

Familiar Territory 

Being in a familiar area—your home, for instance—while you learn has incredible benefits. Learning in a space where you are relaxed and comfortable can increase your focus, reduce stress, and stimulate creativity. Your brain is programmed to analyze new environments and even though this happens subconsciously it means you may not be fully capable to direct your attention to any single effort. Your brain doesn’t need to analyze a familiar area in the same way, so it is free to devote more bandwidth to learning, which in turn allows you to put distractions to the side and let your creativity flow. 

Additional Benefits 

Not only is learning a skill online often more affordable and environmentally friendly than learning in person, but it can also trigger your motivation in a way face-to-face education often doesn’t. When you are traveling somewhere for a lesson, it can start to feel like a chore or one more thing to check off your to-do list. In short, it becomes an obligation and may make you less likely to enjoy the experience as a result. But if you set aside time at home to receive your lesson online, it is not an obligation, but a deliberate choice you have made and keep making. This internal motivation, learning the skill for your own improvement and not because you have to, turns the educational experience into one of entertainment, value, and joy, and makes you more likely to stick with it in the long run. 

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