Your Success Depends On You

Your Success Depends On You

Learning to do anything has to start somewhere. Often, it can feel overwhelming and challenging to teach yourself to do something in a way you’ve never considered before, and it can seem daunting to continue to work hard. Learning a new instrument can fall into this category, too. Great pieces and masterpieces have been composed upon the black and white ivory keys of a piano, but each of those wouldn’t exist if composers didn’t have a launch point from which to begin their musical journey. And each one of those masterpieces has the same origin story: the composer had to work hard and put in a significant amount of effort to get themselves ahead.

Each of the Great’s in musical history had initiative. They took charge of themselves and pushed themselves hard to improve various skillsets. All of this is to say that for you to improve your own skills and abilities, you’re going to have to find some kind of intrinsic motivation so so you show initiative and put forth the effort necessary. Your goal may not be to become the greatest composer of the 21st century, but your desires or ambitions are no less important than that. And to get there, you’ll need the practice consistently! 

That will take many shapes and forms while you learn the craft of playing the piano. Some days will be spent perfecting scales and arpeggios. Other days, it’ll be that one phrase that seems to utterly bewilder you. The important thing is not perfection, but instead the sincere effort you put behind your practice sessions. To move past each roadblock, you’ll have to put in the effort. You have to feel that you can do what you have set out to do, and accept that it may take you a little more time than you were anticipating.

No one will put the work in for you, but you don’t need them to either. As you well know, you’re the best person to inspire you. The initiative already exists inside of you. It’s just a matter of taking what you already have and showing the world, and yourself, that you can do it. Sit down at the keyboard and do your best and then push your best a little further. You may just surprise yourself with what you accomplish with a little extra effort.

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